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Inna Plavskaya

Creative Director

Inna was born in Almaty and graduated from the Academy of Architecture and Construction with a degree in advertising designer.

She is in the creative industry since 2004, starting as a designer, then as an art-director, and then became a creative director in international network agencies such as McCann Almaty, GforceGrey, OpeneyesDDB, and even worked on the client side developing the Jusan brand. Inna has extensive experience working with various clients, in Financial sector (Halyk Bank, BCC, Kazkom, BTA, ATF Bank, Alfa Bank, Sber, Jusan), in FMCG (First Brewery Plant, Carlsberg, Unilever, M&M's), in Retail (Esentai Mall, Mega Center, Forum) and many others. She also has more than 20 professional awards at local and international advertising festivals (RedJolbors, Idea!, AdStars, Red Apple, etc.) Inna’s works has been published on many times.